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            03 DEC

            Barry Nalebuff Co-Founder, Honest Tea Milton Steinbach Professor,Yale Scho

            In 1998, Barry Nalebuff, a professor at Yale, and his former student Seth Goldman decided to launch a beverage company called Honest Tea, a company that sells ready-to-drink iced tea that truly tastes like tea.

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          1. 03 DEC

            Joseph Pfeifer The Art of Crisis Leadership

            Drawing on both his personal experience and academic insights, Chief Joseph Pfeifer will take you inside the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in NYC to show how leaders must act decisively yet remain flexible in a changing threat environment.

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          2. 29 NOV

            Chavalit Frederick Tsao,Chairman,IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group Founder,OCTAV

            In the 21st century, we are transitioning into the new era— an era that calls for a paradigm shift in people’s way of thinking, way of life, and way of being.

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          3. 29 NOV

            Jonathan Woetzel Director,Mckinsey Global Institute;Senior Partner,Mckinse

            The relationship between China and the world appears to be entering a new phase. China’s economic miracle was fueled by industry and investment, but today domestic consumption is the main driving force of growth.

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          4. 29 NOV

            William Schoenfeld Chairman & CEO, APL

            In this rare public appearance, APL Founder & CEO Bill Schoenfeld will distill a career's worth of hard-fought insights into practical advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs, iconoclasts and innovators.

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          5. 22 NOV

            Pr. David Camroux Honorary Research Fellow French Center of International

            The study of populism is developing as a sub-discipline of comparative politics. Yet the term "populism" has become so widely used in the media that its salience as an empirical category could be called into question.

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          6. 21 NOV

            Andrew Hindmoor Professor of Politics and Head of Department Department of

            In this lecture, I want to try and explain what has happened with Brexit and why. Putting Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage to one side, I want to use Brexit to talk about the historical and political drivers shaping Britain today and into the future.

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          7. 07 NOV

            University Professor and Director,Center for Sustainable Development,Colum

            University Professor and Director,Center for Sustainable Development,Columbia University.Jeffrey Sachs

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          8. 28 OCT

            A Sensational Encounter with High Socialist China

            A Sensational Encounter with High Socialist China

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          9. 24 OCT

            The Future of US-China Relations. Harvard University Distinguished Service

            The US-China bilateral relationship is key to global stability in this century. Some see it developing into a new Cold War or even military conflict.

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