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            The Schwarzman Scholars experience is anchored in a rigorous and innovative Master of Global Affairs degree program at Tsinghua University, one of the country's leading universities. Drawing on the best traditions of Tsinghua and top academic institutions around the world, the curriculum bridges the academic and professional worlds to educate students about leadership and about China's expanding role in the world.

            The program also provides Scholars with unparalleled learning opportunities with leaders from China and the world through high-level interactions at lectures, a workplace experience, a network of mentors, and site visits and excursions to gain a greater understanding of contemporary China.

            Academic Curriculum

            All students participate in a two-week for-credit Orientation program when they arrive at the College. Orientation includes information sessions on academics, activities focused on team building and intention-setting, practical elements required for living in the College and in China, and formal convocation ceremonies for both Tsinghua University and the program.

            Core Courses

            Core Courses

            Students are required to take 10 credits of core courses. "Global Affairs" and "Forty Years of China’s Political, Economic and Social Reform" are compulsory for all students. In addition, students are required to take 4 credits from the “Leadership” course cluster by taking two out of the four offered courses.

            Course Name Type Credit Length Module
            Global Affairs
            Compulsory 3 16 weeks M1&2
            Forty Years of Chinese Political, Economic, and Social Reform
            Compulsory 3 16 weeks M2&3
            Leadership in Business
            Leadership Cluster
            (4 credits)
            2 8 weeks M2
            Leadership in Public Organization
            Leadership Cluster
            (4 credits)
            2 5 weeks M4
            Leaders and Leadership in History
            Leadership Cluster
            (4 credits)
            2 8 weeks M1
            Leading in Crisis and Disasters
            Leadership Cluster
            (4 credits)
            2 8 weeks M2

            Elective Courses

            Students must complete 8 credits, among which at least 1 credit of coursework from courses offered outside of Schwarzman College.

            • Leadership in Practice
            • Cutting-edge Series in Industry
            • China Courses
            • Economics and Business
            • Public Policy
            • International Studies
            Course Name Credit Length Module
            Leading in Higher Education
            1 3 weeks M4
            Leading in Civil Society Organizations – Delivering social value
            民间社会组织 中的领导力实践
            1 3 weeks M1
            Leading in International Organizations (UN)
            1 5 weeks M2
            Leading in the World-Diplomatic and Military perspectives
            1 3 weeks M2
            Leading the Social Innovation in China
            1 5 weeks M3
            Course Name Credit Length Module
            Data, Computing and the Human Future
            1 5 weeks M1
            Course Name Credit Length Module
            China’s Political Culture: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives
            2 8 weeks M2
            History of Modern China, 1911-2011: A Century of Transformation 2 8 weeks M1
            Chinese Political Institutions
            2 8 weeks M3
            Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China
            2 5 weeks M1
            China's International Development Cooperation: Theory, Policy and Practices
            2 5 weeks M4
            The History of Business and Entrepreneurship in China
            2 8 weeks M2
            China’s Rise in Comparative Perspective
            2 8 weeks M1
            Course Name Credit Length Module
            Leading Issues in the Global Economy
            2 8 weeks M3
            Basic Legal Issues in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
            2 5 weeks M4
            Political Economy of Developing Countries
            2 5 weeks M4
            Financial Reporting & Analysis
            1 2 weeks M3
            ?Business Sustainability Leadership in China & Globally
            2 8 weeks M3
            Managing Risk: Statistical, Economic, and Cultural Perspectives
            2 8 weeks M2
            International Business and Development Strategies: A Modern Approach
            2 8周 M3
            Course Name Credit Length Module
            Comparative Governance
            2 8 weeks M1
            Global Health Policy
            2 5 weeks M4
            Introduction to International Science and Technology Policy
            2 5 weeks M4
            Clean Energy Transition
            2 3 weeks M1
            Strategic Planning for Not-for-Profit Organizations
            1 2 weeks M3
            Course Name Credit Length Module
            Leading Issues in International Relation
            2 8 weeks M3
            Global Media & Communication and China: Theories, Practices and Trends
            2 8 weeks M2
            Comparative Law in the Global Context
            2 8 weeks M1
            Global Governance in a Changing World Order
            2 5 weeks M4
            Regions and Regionalisms in World Politics
            2 5 weeks M4
            Public Diplomacy
            2 8 weeks ?M3

            Language Course

            International students are required to take one of the four Chinese Language Courses based on their language placement test results. The placement test takes place during orientation. Students from greater China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) are required to take the following Advanced English Course.

            Course Name Credit Length Module
            Elementary Chinese 101
            2 8 weeks M1
            Intermediate Chinese 201
            2 8 weeks M1
            Pre-Advanced Chinese 301
            2 8 weeks M1
            Advanced Chinese 401
            2 8 weeks M1
            Advanced English
            2 8 weeks M1 or M2

            Capstone Project

            All Schwarzman Scholars must complete a Capstone Project and give a presentation before graduation. The Capstone project is the culmination of students’ Schwarzman College experience and a comprehensive presentation of their experiential learning, academic study and personal growth throughout the program. Students will work under the guidance of a faculty advisor to conduct in-depth research, develop solutions and compose final reports on a topic of interest.

            The Capstone project report should take the form of case analysis, policy analysis or academic paper and needs to be written in English.

            Course Name Credit Length Module
            Capstone Project
            3 Whole year M1-M4
            Experiential Learning

            Experiential Learning Activities

            Schwarzman College provides an integrated learning experience, including Capstone Project, Deep Dive, special lectures by various leaders, thematic debates, and discussions on the growth paths of leaders. The various activities help students apply what they have learned in researches and practices. Students are also given the opportunities to communicate face-to-face with elites from all walks of life. The communication with leaders from different fields provides students with the most cutting-edge management ideas, theories and views, which are the key to enhancing their quality, improving their leadership and optimizing their plans for life and career.

            Course Name Credit Length Module
            Schwarzman Scholars Program Orientation
            1 2 weeks  
            Deep Dive
            2   M1&M2
            Practice in Global Leadership
            2 Whole year M1-M4

            Non-degree courses

            Students can choose additional courses offered by the College or Tsinghua University as “non- degree courses” based on personal interests. Extra credits will be recorded on students’ transcripts for successfully completed non-degree courses.

            a. Research Methods Course - offered by the College

            To better support the Capstone Project research training, the "Research Methods" course is offered to students who have limited academic research backgrounds. This course will be recorded as a non-degree course credit.

            Analytical Methods
            Course Name Credit Length Module
            Capstone Project
            3 16 weeks M1 and M2

            b. Advanced Language Courses

            Students who want to further improve their language skills can take corresponding higher-level language courses in different modules, and the credits will be recorded as non-degree credits.

            Contact Us

            Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing 100084, P.R. China